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The Top 5 Pitfalls of In-flight WIFI and How to Avoid Them

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Having in-flight Wi-Fi has become an increasingly common feature aboard commercial aircrafts. There are however certain terms and conditions that are to be followed when using these services.

1. Look After Your Sensitive Personal Data

Before starting to use the service, users are generally asked to create user accounts. This usually involves filling in pretty standard personal information such as contact details, a password, and so on. It’s worth being aware of the details you hand over to any service or business, especially when traveling alone. If traveling with teenagers it might be useful to teach them about the importance of protecting their personal information early on.

Naturally, users are required to agree to the stipulated terms and conditions. Let’s be honest though, who reads those? Allow me to shed some light on what you’re signing up for.

2. Guard Against Incurring Charges Due to Risky Passwords

Users are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their passwords and naturally are held fully accountable to all relevant fees that are accrued to it. Sounds simple, but do take note, it is a pretty rigid and stringent policy so it’s best to exercise some caution lest you get caught in a sticky situation.

3. Don’t Get Caught Out by Hotspots

Moving on, there are certain restrictions regarding the usage of the service one has to work within. For starters, users who’ve opted into agreement to the T&Cs are not to resell or attempt to resell any aspect of the service, be it for profit or otherwise. The IP address and service connection shouldn’t be shared either (through hotspot or other methods). Additionally, the service may not be accessed by multiple devices at one time. Any action deemed to be in breach of these terms may constitute fraud or theft. Certainly dry but definitely some noteworthy things to bear in mind.

4. Voice Applications Are a No-no

Now for something you probably didn’t know; the use of voice applications while on these connections is prohibited. Under certain circumstances, users may be permitted to utilize voice applications like Skype and Viber but this is rarely the case due to laws and restrictions imposed on certain airlines. If you do have a valid reason to require access to such applications, it would definitely serve you well to write to the relevant customer care departments of your chosen airline. Yet, while it might be tempting to pop onto Skype to check-in and tell loved ones how you’re doing as a solo traveler or when backpacking, it’s probably best until you’re safely back on the ground.

5. Watch Out for On-board Entertainment Restrictions

Did you also know that the internet access which gives you exclusive access to on-board entertainment features like movies and music comes with a host of restrictions? An example being the streaming service Scoot employs, which allows users who’ve opted for access to the service to stream content directly to their devices. Opting into this service does not allow users to resell, repackage or utilize this content be it for commercial or personal usage and could land you in hot water.

Now these are just some of the more noteworthy and also some of the lesser known terms that are expected to be adhered to when using these flight internet connections. It is definitely important not to assume that purchasing such services entitles you to use it however you like. This is an increasingly popular service that airlines offer, and it will only seek to improve and evolve as time goes by, as such it is of utmost importance to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest terms, rulings and stipulations involved in using these services. Spend those moments before take off reading the relevant fine print, and potentially save yourself from a world of hurt.

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